We are proud of our school & we respect each other, therefore…

  • all learners must be at school on time
  • we enter and leave the hall for assembly in silence
  • learners remain standing after entering a classroom
  • we may never use bad language
  • school uniforms are compulsory
  • we wear our school uniform with pride – clean and neat
  • keep the school grounds & classrooms clean

To maintain order and discipline…

  • learners entering the school are to use the door nearest to their classroom
  • learners may only use the passages when changing periods, going to the office, going to music or when it rains
  • learners may only use the public phones for emergencies
  • when sick learners must phone form the office
  • learners are only excused from P.T. if a letter from the parents is produced. For periods longer than a week a medical certificate is needed.
  • learners going to the toilet during class time, must go alone
  • learners who are taking messages during class time, must go alone

For the safety of each learner and teacher…

  • no sharp objects, knives or weapons may be brought to school
  • riding of bicycles, skateboards and roller blades are forbidden on the school ground
  • no learners are allowed in the swimming pool area unless accompanied by an educator
  • changing for swimming must be done in the change rooms. No learner may leave the pool area in a bathing costume.
  • no learners may be in the hall, quad or classrooms before or after school  or during breaks.
  • ball games may only be played on the rugby field
  • no learner may leave the school grounds during school hours without permission from the office
  • learners must wait for their parents inside the school grounds

At KPS we don’t allow…

  • smoking, use of alcohol or drugs at school or any public area
  • chewing gum
  • fighting
  • correcting fluid
  • learners to bring toys
  • learners to bring cell phones or any items of value to school.