We consider each learner as a unique being who should fully realize his/her positive God-given potential. In our school, these talents are explored and developed with the guidance of an adult educator in an orderly and structured environment.


Educational approach

  • The school’s approach to discipline is conducted in a spirit of kind heartedness, love, and support. Children are encouraged to learn from their mistakes. This implies the following:
  • Learners will be subject to the enforcement of rules and regulations with the necessary sensitivity and understanding. Disciplinary action should only be necessary when it appears that a learner’s attitude or behavior does not conform with the values and rules of the school.
  • Sympathetic authority will be applied at all times to the learner who has the right to be heard.
  • The dignity of the learner and the specific circumstances in which he/she finds himself/herself shall receive high priority throughout.

Ecclesiastical approach

The Principal and staff of the Knysna Primary School believe that every learner has a calling from God to achieve certain goals in his/her life. It is the aim of this school to ensure that every learner will be assisted to achieve this goal.

Ban on corporal punishment

No person may inflict corporal punishment on a learner.


Any lawfully acceptable and departmental approved punishment may be applied. This includes:

  • Oral or written reprimands by the principal or by the educator involved when a transgression takes place. Detention may only be applied by an educator.
  • Constructive, additional schoolwork or homework, but not repetitive written work, if a transgression occurred during class activities.
  • Tasks which can enhance the school environment when a transgression occurs where a learner, for example, damages plants or soils cloakrooms.
  • Temporary expulsion (ban on participation) from certain school activities i.e. sport activities, cultural activities or use of the media centre.
  • In accordance with the Education Act and other applicable Provincial Acts, the Governing Body of a public school, after a fair hearing, can expel a learner from the school for a time period not exceeding one week, or, following a decision by the principal, expel the learner from the school.


In accordance with the Provincial Act, a learner may be permanently expelled from a public school:

  • by the principal, or
  • when he/she, after a fair hearing, has been found guilty and expulsion is recommended by the leadership team and approved by the Governing Body.
  • A learner expelled from a public school, or his/her parent, can appeal against the decision of the principal to the member of the Executive Council.
  • If a learner who, in terms of Article 3(1), is compelled to attend school and is expelled from a public school, the member of the Executive council will have to make alternative arrangements to place him/her in another public school.

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