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Gimnaste blink uit

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Die volgende Laerskool Knysna gimnaste wat oefen by Knysna Gimnastiek Klub het deelgeneem aan die South Zone kompetisie in Uitenhage en ons baie trots gemaak.


Almal het ń brons medalje behaal:

Hermann Neumann level 2

Jeanne Hindt level 2

Lumay Neumann level 2

Mikayla van Rooyen level 2

Danica van Zyl level 1

Tamzym Cooper level 1

Olivia Maycock level 2

Gilha ann Louw level 1

Mark Lemke level 2

Mikayla Swanepoel level 2


Knap gedaan julle!

Young Talent excels in New York

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During the June/July school holidays, Abigail Smith went to New York to represent South Africa in the Talent America Competition. Abigail was part of a group of 75 participants and parents who represented South Africa at this
prestigious event. She did extremely well during this year’s Competition and achieved the following results.

Abigail focused her attention and preparation this year on her musical instrument items (the Clarinet) and the results spoke for themselves. She entered 2 Solo items, and both songs she managed to learn from scratch
within 6 weeks. This goes to show the dedication she have put in during her preparation for the competition.

She performed the Disney Hit Song – Beauty and the Beast, for which she received 1st Place and the Latin Pop Single – Havana which netted her a 2nd Place. Abigail also took part in various modelling items and received 1st place for
Swimwear & Fitness in the age category 12-14 years. For her Formal wear item, she received 2nd place.

Abigail’s photo was voted 1st Place with her Commercial Photogenic entry. She received the 2019 TOP Model Award (overall winner) in her age group 12-14 years. Abigail is also an accomplished dancer and practices many forms of Dancing. She performed a Modern Contemporary Dancing Solo item and received a Runner up Medal.


Well done, Abigail. We are super proud of you!


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Pro Academy Results
Jessica du Plessis and Nicole van Strijp, along with 3 ex-KPS students, competed in the National round of SATCH (South African Talent Championships) for dance in Pretoria. The Pro Academy from Knysna came home with 6 bronze medals and 9 silver medals. The team performed a total of 15 dance items, consisting of hip-hop, character & modern dance.

Jessica and Nicole received 2 silver and 1 bronze. They also rceived SWD colours.

For most of the dancers, it was their first time competing on a National level, making their results absolutely ourstanding! Well done girls!!