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KPS Library Week


We celebrated our own Library Week from 29 February to 4 March.  The grade 4 – 7 classes enjoyed taking part in many competitions based on informational skills that have been taught in the Media Centre.  These included activities such as crossword puzzles, a library scavenger hunt, use of computer research skills and non-fiction activities.  The week culminated in a fun day with children dressing up as their favourite book characters.

Eco-Club outing to Pledge Park


On Thursday,  11 February, The Eco-Club went to Pledge Park. It is a botanical jewel in the midst of Knysna CBD.  It was once a brickfield and eventually a dumping ground.  Presently, it is an indigenous sanctuary.

The Eco-buddies enjoyed exploring the different trails and learnt a lot about the vegetation.  The view of the Heads from the top of the park was amazing.

KiX Sopkombuis Uitreik – Leef Sy Liefde.


SOUP KITCHENS in the greater Knysna area

which KPS supported during   “Sharing His LOVE”  Outreach Project 14 August 2015.

  • Polly se Sopkombuis is situated in Witlokasie/Concordia –  cooks twice a week and feeds 30 adults (mostly pensioners)

  • Aunt Barbie’s Soup Kitchen in Rheenendal  – Tannie Maria feeds between 250 to 280 children from Monday to Friday

  • Knysna Hope, in Ntinglani has a soup kitchen for approx 70 kids twice a week

  • OUPAD Pakamanyi Soup Kitchen feeding about 35 children on Tuesdays and Fridays.

  • Soup kitchen in Concordia feeds about 80 children on Tuesdays.

  • Nolene’s Soup Kitchen, Hornlee feeds about 65 children and 15 to 20 pensioners once a week.

  • Ella’s soup kitchen in Concordia feeds 30 children every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Die barmhartigheid van Knysna Laerskool leerders het gesorg dat 7 sopkombuise in die Knysna omgewing weer warm voedsame kos het om aan behoeftiges  te voorsien.  Met nederige dankbaarheid het die sopkombuis verteenwoordigers elke liefdevolle skenking met ope arms verwelkom.  Dankie vir elke familielid van Knysna Primer wat ‘n verskil gemaak het aan ‘n honger kind se lewe.  Dit is ‘n wonderlike voorreg om diensbaar te wees en ons kinders te sien groei met mooi waardes en omgee vir hul medemens.  Dankie aan u die ouer wat dit alles moontlik gemaak het.

The compassion and support of Knysna Primary children brought welcome relief during the cold Winter to 7 Soup Kitchens in the greater Knysna area. Generous vegetable and food contributions were donated  to 7 soup kitchens.  Children from Knysna Primary lovingly contributed onions, potatoes, butternut, leeks, soup mixes, rice, noodles and samp which  brought tears of gratitude to the humble Soup Kitchen representatives.  Thank you to every  family member of Knysna Primary who made a difference in the life of a hungry child.  It is a privilege to share Gods love in our own community, enriching not only the lives of the less fortunate and needy, but also to enrich the lives of our children by instilling values of kindness, goodness and love for our neighbours.  Thank you Knysna Primary parents, for making this possible.

A heartfelt thanks to:

Mr Stoker who kindly allowed the Soup kitchen outreach to take place.

KPS staff for their patience during the outreach and their help collecting donations in the classes.

Fruit & Veg who arranged special low prices to accomodate KPS parents.

Gr 7 boys who enthusiastically helped carry soup ingredients to the soup kitchen transport and returned crates afterwards

32 KiX volunteers who gave their time and energy selflessly

Our Heavenly Father in whose footsteps we follow… sharing His love to all around us.