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The Eco- buddies went to Brenton-on-Sea to investigate the aftermath of the fires, one year later, on the fauna and flora in that area. They also planted five Cape Ash trees to replace the alien trees that had burnt in the fires.

Grade 4 Concert


What do fisherman folk of the Cape of Good Hope and the nobility of England have in common?

A New Year’s party!

The grade 4 classes of K.P.S. performed in a concert depicting the multi-cultures of the Cape.

It was most amazing to listen to Gatiep and Meraai’s authentic accents versus the prim and proper English of the Brits.  When the Queen of Hearts and her entourage danced the night away with the Kaapse Klopse, they forgot all about their “airs” and “graces” and just enjoyed the celebration.

Eco-Club: Beach Research


The  Knysna Primary School Eco-buddies had their first experience of being Marine Scientists. They worked in groups on the beach at Brenton-on-Sea. The Eco-buddies had to measure the temperature of the sea water, measure the micron count of the beach sand, observe the clarity of the sea water and estimate the height of the waves. They also had to dig in the sand to determine what kind of marine life could be found in a demarcated area. Each group had to record its findings which they did by writing the answers down on big beach balls. The Eco-buddies had great fun and learnt so much by getting actively involved in the marine study.