Highlights of 2018!



James Reardon received a gold & bronze medal for swimming at SA’s.


Knysna Primary won the trophy for the 9th year at Kareedouw Athletics in 2018.


40 KPS children received SWD colours in 2018.

  • Athletics x 2
  • Swimming x 4
  • Tennis x 3
  • Cycling x 1
  • Netball x 1
  • Hockey x 5
  • Rugby x 4
  • Biathlon x 17
  • Cricket x 3


  • Morgan Jones received 5th place at Nationals for Road Cycling..
  • Morgan Jones and Hanneke Vreken received WP Colours for MTB Cycling.




  • Athletics

  • Cricket

  • Swimming

  • Tennis

  • Golf


  • Hockey

  • Netball

  • Rugby

  • Cross Country

Please note: Recognition will be given at an assembly to learners participating in sport codes not offered by the school, based on detailed written information provided by the coach on the Friday morning (the Friday before assembly). Information must be sent to info@knysnaprimary.co.za




Each learner has to wear the school’s P.T-clothes for practices. Rugby players wear either a t-shirt or a rugby jersey for their practices.


Each coach will hand out the match uniforms and pupils must wear only these uniforms for a match. In the event of a pupil wearing the incorrect dress for the match, he/she may be excluded from the match.


When travelling to matches a full tracksuit and running shoes (tackies) must be worn. No learner is allowed to wear slops.


  • The focus is on mass participation while catering for the needs of each individual participant.  Competitions are entered into where strength opposes strength and sportsmanship and the activity itself is the winner.  Our sport policy  therefore focuses on participation with the objective of victory a secondary outcome.
  • Pupils are encouraged to participate in at least one Summer  and one Winter sport.
  • Once a pupil signs up for a sport he is committed to play that sport for the rest of the year. For instance, if he signs up for cricket in the first term, he must also play in the fourth term.
  • Please note: Pupils who attend schools in the area that are not providing sport, may be allowed to play sport for Knysna Primary, under certain conditions, and upon application to the Headmaster.


  • Teams will be selected on merit.
  • Coaches will strive to give every player as many opportunities as possible to play in a match.
  • Should there be clashes between Knysna Primary Schools’ teams and Knysna Sport School’s teams regarding matches, then a player must be available for Knysna Primary’s teams.
  • B-teams will play the local league matches to give these players as many opportunities as possible to play matches.
  • Parents are not allowed to become involved in team selection even if they are involved as assistant coaches.


  • Pupils need to personally excuse themselves if they cannot be at a practice, unless they are absent from school.
  • Anyone who is not at school may not play in a match or attend practice that afternoon. Similarly, a pupil who is absent on a Friday may not play for the school the next day, unless the absence was for reasons other than illness, and prior permission for the absence had been granted.


The school Code of Conduct applies during all activities.  Learners who disobey school rules must be dealt with according to the school’s discipline policy.  Appropriate behaviour on and off the field / court must be encouraged at all times


  • Participation in sports is a privilege, not a right.
  • Pupils at Knysna Primary must behave appropriately during practices and matches.
  • All players are expected to show good sportsmanship at all times towards the officials, referees / umpires, and the members of the opposing team and their management and supporters.


Parents are to support their children and the school as follows:

  • ensure that your child attends practice and is on time for practices and matches
  • support your child and the school at matches
  • see to it that your child wears the correct sport clothes
  • collect your child on time after practice or matches.
  • Support coaches and officials working with the children, in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.
  • Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and officials at every game and practice.
  • Place the emotional and physical wellbeing of my child ahead of a personal desire to win.
  • No negative comments directed towards teams, individuals, coaches or referees.
  • No confrontation with opposing supporters.
  • Complaints resulting from a game -or practice situation must be discussed at school and not on -or next to the sports field. Serious problems should be brought under Mr. White’s attention.


  • Practices continue irrespective if there is a match that week or not.
  • In the event of a practice cancelled or curtailed due to rain or extreme heat, parents will be notified and pupils may go home.


  • Pupils must play in the correct age group. This is governed by his/her age on 1 January of that particular year. This is a ruling made by the South Western Districts Sports Codes, and is not optional.
  • Boys/ Girls turning 14 in their Grade 7 year may participate in Hockey, as this sport are currently played as an u/14 league. All other sports cater only as far as u/13 at Primary School level.
  • Pupils who are u/14 may take part in the school’s Interhouse athletics and swimming events. As there are usually not many u/14s, they will compete in the same events as the u/13s.


It is the responsibility of the particular educator that all participants of an activity reach the venue for the activity.  Should the learner be unable to reach the venue by own means, school transport must be made available to him/her.  Parents are to be informed if private transport is used. Any staff member driving the school bus must be in the possession of a valid Professional Driving Permit (PDP).  Where an external bus company is used the school will always endeavour to make use of appropriately registered and reputable companies.  Prior to departure the chosen bus company will be required to provide the PDP and driver licenses, the current service record, as well as the pre-trip check document, for each bus provided.


The School awards badges for:

Rugby and Hockey:

  • First team players who played in two thirds of all matches. These badges get awarded at the end of the season.
  • Scrolls are awarded for provincial colors.

Netball, Cricket, Tennis and Golf:

  • U/12 and U/13 players who played in two thirds of all First Team matches. These badges get awarded at the end of the season.
  • Scrolls are awarded for provincial colors.


  • U/12 and U/13 athletes who represented the Regional athletics team at the SWD Athletics meeting.
  • Scrolls are awarded for provincial colors.


  • All U/12 and U/13 swimmers who took part in two thirds of all galas.
  • Scrolls are awarded for swimmers taking part at Level 2 swimming competitions.

Cross Country:

  • Scrolls are awarded for provincial colors.

The School contributes R500 towards the costs of learners’ provincial tournaments. This amount will be reviewed annually.

(Date of review: December 2015)

The teaching staff coach voluntarily to the best of their abilities and undertake to improve sport as follows:

  • be on time for practices and matches
  • be dressed accordingly
  • offer a constructive training programme
  • provide as many matches as possible for all learners across all skill levels.
  • provide tours where possible to First teams.
  • conduct themselves professionally on and off the field
  • not cancel matches or practices without very good reason and permission of the SMT.
  • keep up to date with coaching techniques.
  • Take care of sports uniforms and equipment.

Please note that all information regarding sport / culture will be sent out via the following communication methods:

  • Letter
  • D6 Communicator
  • Facebook
  • Sms