Knysna Primary School was established in 1947. It is centrally situated and has all the academic and sporting facilities to give learners a well-balanced education. At Knysna Primary School we recognise that the child is a unique individual who must be educated in his/her totality. The most important components in this process being the Child, the Educator, the Home and the Church.

The School is parallel medium, co-educational and caters for learners from Grade R to Grade 7. Didactic aid will also be available for learners with special needs.

The buildings include a modern hall, computer centre, media centre, Junior and Senior Primary classrooms and additional rooms for life skills. There is also a science laboratory, two music rooms and a swimming pool. The school shares hostel facilities with the High School.


At Knysna Primary School we endeavour to educate the child academically, culturally and physically in a balanced programme and to teach him/her Christian values and principles, so that he/she may develop fully as his/her ability allows.


We offer a wide variety of extra-mural activities which include Swimming, Athletics, Cricket, Tennis, Netball, Golf, Cycling, Hockey and Rugby. Well qualified coaches offer private Karate, Squash and Gymnastic lessons.

Several cultural activities are offered, such as Chess, Drama, Junior and Senior Choirs, Recorder, Orchestra, Guitar, String Ensembles and numerous Stage Productions take place.

Our computer centre is a hive of activity. A variety of programmes and research skills are taught. Our school is proud of the fact that we are able to offer the learners a good grounding in the mastering of computing techniques that have become essential in our technological age.


The Governing Body of the school consists of the principal, five parents elected by the parents, two educators and one other person, all of whom serve for a term of office as determined by the Minister of Education. The main function of this body is the formulation of policy, the control of all funds and the appointment of teaching staff.