Endeavour to educate our learners academically, culturally and physically in a balanced programme.

Grade 6

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The Grade 6s of KPS went on a leadership identification excursion like they do every year. While walking from Brenton to Buffalo Bay, the learners were made aware of the…

Kareedouw Athletics

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Knysna Primary attended the Kareedouw Athletics meeting for the 9th consecutive year. 36 children took part and all of them did extremely well. Overall, relay not included, Knysna Primary received…


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The Eco- buddies went to Brenton-on-Sea to investigate the aftermath of the fires, one year later, on the fauna and flora in that area. They also planted five Cape Ash…


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Pro Academy Results Jessica du Plessis and Nicole van Strijp, along with 3 ex-KPS students, competed in the National round of SATCH (South African Talent Championships) for dance in Pretoria.…

Little Elephants

Knysna Primary’s Pre Primary School